So those of you who moved on from a 7″ Android-powered tablet to a 10″ model and are still not satisfied, perhaps you might want to give Android modder Martin Drashkov a ring – this dude decided to literally take matters into his own hands by churning out his own Android device that rules the roost in terms of size simply because it has a 23″ touchscreen display. You can check out the Android MegaPad raging through Tokyo, creating mayhem in the video after the jump. Just kidding, it is a recording of the MegaPad in action for curious folk.

Dubbing it the MegaPad (and for obvious reasons), it cost him around $600 in parts to build – and get this, not in his garage just like most of the other classic stories, but he cobbled together the MegaPad in the kitchen of all places. I guess he must be hungry most of the time, and walking up and down to the garage just makes no sense if you’re going to be munching away round the clock.

According to Martin, he thinks that the larger display will allow “simultaneous use by two users” and “open up new possibilities that demand different apps.” Too bad this is not portable in any sense, but it does pave the way to how Android might be applied in other devices down the road.

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