Good news RTS (real time strategy) gamers! BenQ has launched the RL2240H monitor which they are claiming is the “world’s first” RTS gaming monitor. The monitor was developed in conjunction with Zowie Gear, a gaming gear manufacturer and Startale, a renowned Starcraft 2 professional gaming team that is coincidentally (or perhaps not) sponsored by BenQ.

What makes this monitor so RTS-centric is through several features that BenQ has introduced such as the Black eQualizer, a technology that makes use of an exclusively designed color engine that improves visibility and details in darkened areas. Brightness is said to be adjustable without overexposing white levels, or so BenQ claims. An RTS Mode preset can also be activated which is supposed to be calibrated for RTS games.

While I’m personally not an RTS gamer, with the XL242410T monitor by BenQ being touted as the most preferred monitor in a series of gaming events, perhaps RTS gamers may be able to better appreciate what the RL2240H monitor will be bringing to the table.

The monitor is expected to start making its way to Europe, Korea and Japan in October with the rest of the world following shortly after. Unfortunately no word on how much it will cost.

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