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BenQ Unveils 27-inch 2K Monitor Aimed At Professionals
When it comes to monitors, they’re not all made the same. There are some monitors which are perfectly fine for general purpose, then there are some monitors that are designed for gamers where they offer up faster refresh rates and response times, then there are also monitors designed for video and photo professionals who seek the most accurate color reproduction as possible.

BenQ's Latest Monitor Is Optimized For E-Sports
Professional gamers spend thousands of dollars creating the perfect rig because the components that an average user has in their computer just doesn’t cut it for them. That’s why you have companies making products like gaming mice, keyboards, and monitors to fulfill the needs of that particular group of users. BenQ is out with a new monitor today which it says is optimized for e-sports.

BenQ Announces Affordable 22-inch Monitor
If you’re after a new monitor that doesn’t break the bank, and you don’t necessarily need to have the thinnest bezels or the highest resolution, then you’re in luck as BenQ has recently announced the GW2270. This is a new monitor from the company that will be priced at a relatively affordable $119.

BenQ To Announce Flagship Phone At MWC 2015
BenQ might not necessarily be a brand thinks of when it comes to smartphones or mobile devices for that matter. Computers, laptops, monitors, maybe, but mobile devices? Not so much. That being said it seems that the company is planning on making an announcement at MWC 2015 and launch their flagship smartphone.The smartphone in question comes in the form of the BenQ F52 and will be displayed by Chinese carrier […]


BenQ treVolo Electrostatic Bluetooth Speaker Targets CES 2015 Debut
BenQ might be a fringe name when it comes to being a player in the computer peripherals industry, but this does not mean that they do not have the capability to spring a surprise once in a while Case in point – the all new treVolo Electrostatic Bluetooth Speaker that you see here. The treVolo Electrostatic Bluetooth Speaker is special in a sense where it lays claim to being the […]

BenQ Enters The Smartphone Market Once Again
Its not like there’s any shortage of players in the global smartphone market. At the top you have Apple and Samsung, who are being trailed by the likes of LG, HTC, Sony and more. There are some manufacturers that are popular in certain regions, such as Lenovo, ZTE, Xiaomi etc. Taiwanese manufacturer BenQ, known for its monitors and peripherals, said late last year that it won’t be entering the smartphone […]

BenQ's XL2720T 27" Monitor Has Been Designed With The Gamer In Mind
If you’re the sort of person who takes their gaming very seriously, then you’re probably looking for ways  to gain an advantage over the competition, whether it be faster load times, higher DPI mice, better sound systems, or even a monitor with a faster response time. If a monitor is what you’re after than BenQ might have something for you in the form of the XL2720T, a monitor which was […]

BenQ unveils VW30 series of monitors that have been optimized for MacBooks
Hook an external monitor up to a MacBook isn’t new – in fact there are many out there who probably already do that. However if you felt that your current external monitor did not replicate the colors on your MacBook’s screen accurately, it seems that BenQ has recently introduced a new monitor series, the VW30 series of vertical alignment LED monitors. Supposedly when connected to your MacBook via an M-book […]

BenQ direct-lit LED TVs coming this May
BenQ is a name that is synonymous with consumer electronics devices that offer plenty of bang for your hard earned buck – especially in the flat screen TV and LCD monitor markets. Right now, we have word that BenQ will be rolling out highly affordable direct-lit LED TVs this coming May, where the pricing details are said to be 10% cheaper compared to new LED TVs in the market. BenQ […]

BenQ unveils W7000 3D home cinema projector
Looking for a home cinema project capable of 3D projection? Well if you happen to be in a market for such a projector, the good news is that BenQ may have something in store for you in the form of the W7000, which is apparently the first projector in the world to be accredited with the TUV Rheinland 3D Full HD Certification.

BenQ Joybee GP2 is a tiny and portable projector
Tiny projectors are all the rage right now – gone are the days where projectors required a large surface area and ample distance from the wall or projector screen to function. To add to the list of such projectors, BenQ has a new model called the Joybee GP2. A successor to the GP1, it features the same black and white housing, but features enhancements such as an intuitive UI, 720p […]

BenQ unveils BL2201PTE 22" monitor
If you’re in the market for a new monitor for the home or office, BenQ has unveiled their BL2201PTE monitor that comes with several interesting features that you may find to be rather interesting. The monitor will be 22” in size and sport a max resolution of 1650×1080 (aspect ratio of 16:10). It will also feature a 5ms response time, a dynamic contrast ratio of 12,000,000:1, a typical brightness of […]

BenQ RL2240H monitor is designed for RTS gamers
Good news RTS (real time strategy) gamers! BenQ has launched the RL2240H monitor which they are claiming is the “world’s first” RTS gaming monitor. The monitor was developed in conjunction with Zowie Gear, a gaming gear manufacturer and Startale, a renowned Starcraft 2 professional gaming team that is coincidentally (or perhaps not) sponsored by BenQ.

BenQ introduces its EW2430 and EW2430V monitors
BenQ has unveiled some new monitors that should benefit folks who are planning to shop for a new monitor. The latest models are the EW2430 and EW2430V, offering a 24-inch HD panel that uses LED backlighting and vertical alignment (VA) technology. For your money, you’ll get a monitor that offers a native contrast ratio of 3,000:1 and eight-bit color, not to mention connectivity options via two HDMI ports, D-Sub and […]

BenQ nReader R100 Android Tablet
BenQ is generally well known for its computer monitors and projectors, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t want in on the tablet game too. The company has just introduced its Android-powered tablet, dubbed the BenQ nReader R100. The tablet will be powered by a 667MHz Samsung ARM-based processor, and is capable of running Android 2.2 Froyo, though it wasn’t confirmed if the device will be shipping with Android 2.2 from […]

BenQ G610HD LED monitor
BenQ’s G610HD series of LED monitors has received yet another two members – this time round we’re talking about the G610HDAL and G610HDPL. Both of them will feature a 15.6″ LED panel that has a movie-friendly 16:9 aspect ratio, but we can safely say that its crowning glory would be a dynamic contrast ratio that touches 5,000,000:1. Apart from that, the BenQ G610HD LED monitor also loves the environment with […]

BenQ W600, W1000 and W6000 projectors
BenQ has rolled out a new trio of HD-capable projectors – the W600, W1000 and W6000 which are all powered by the Texas Instruments-based DLP front projection processors. The W6000 is the most high-end among the three, featuring 1080p resolution, native 24fps support, a 50,000:1 contrast ratio and 2,500 ANSI lumens of brightness. In addition, it can upconvert 480p signals to near HD quality to give your DVDs a new […]

BenQ rolls out seven new projectors
BenQ has released seven more models of projectors for Japan this September, before they are introduced to the rest of the world a month after that. The seven projectors include the MP515, MP515ST, MP626, MP670, MP772ST, MP776ST and the MP777, where they all feature DLP technology. Check out what all seven are capable of below. MP515 : SVGA, 2Wx1 speaker, 220W Lamp with a 3000h lifespan, 2500 lumens, 2600:1 contrast […]

BenQ Joybook Lite U121 Eco Launched
BenQ has just introduced its latest netbook, the Joybook Lite U121 Eco that first saw action at Computex 2009 earlier this year. It has arrived in Taiwan, and has the target set by BenQ to capture the No. 3 position in the Taiwan netbook market before the year is over. The specs inside are slightly better than what you’d expect from a regular netbook, including :- Intel Atom Z520/Z530 processor […]

BenQ Joybook Lite U102
BenQ has revealed its latest netbook known as the Joybook Lite U102, and while it doesn’t pack enough firepower to send any notebook into oblivion in terms of performance, it will still be able to handle just about any everyday computing tasks with aplomb thanks to the Intel Atom processor. Other features include a 10.1” UltraVivid 16:9 WSVGA LED-backlit screen, a 250GB hard drive, enough connectivity options, cramming in a […]