BenQ Unveils 27-inch 2K Monitor Aimed At Professionals

When it comes to monitors, they’re not all made the same. There are some monitors which are perfectly fine for general purpose, then there are some monitors that are designed for gamers where they offer up faster refresh rates and response times, then there are also monitors designed for video and photo professionals who seek the most accurate color reproduction as possible.

DisplayPort 2.0 Will Support 8K Displays

At the moment 4K is slowly becoming the standard in which monitors and displays are being sold at, however, there are some companies who are pushing the boundaries by creating 8K displays. We reckon that it might be a while before 8K becomes widely adopted, although there are probably some professionals in the industry who could benefit from higher resolution screens.

Samsung’s Next-Gen ‘The Wall’ TV Measures 292-inches And Has An 8K Resolution

Last year at CES, Samsung took the wraps off a TV called “The Wall”. It was named such due to its sheer size which measures 146-inches, allowing it to span across an entire wall, hence the name. If you thought that a TV that measures 146-inches is big, you’re not wrong, but Samsung has a new “The Wall” TV that would put its predecessor to shame.

Samsung Unveils A 27-inch Curved Monitor For Gaming

Are you in the camp that believes that curved displays make for a better experience than regular flat displays? If you are, then you might be interested to learn that Samsung has recently taken the wraps off its new 27-inch CRG5 curved monitor which according to the company, has been designed for gamers in mind.


LG’s UltraFine Displays Pops Up On Apple’s Online Store Again

According to reports from April and May, it was reported that Apple had pulled the LG UltraFine monitors from their stores. It started with the 4K monitor and then the 5K model. It was speculated that Apple could be done with LG’s UltraFine displays as they prepare to launch their rumored 32-inch 6K display.

Lenovo Unveils The ThinkVision M14 Portable External Monitor

One of the perks of working from home is that it typically affords you a larger working space where depending on your needs and preferences, could let you have a dual or triple monitor setup. Unfortunately working on the go doesn’t really present users with that kind of opportunity, or at least until now.

Wonder Vision Sphere 5.2 Immersive Screen: We Tried It

At Inter Bee 2016,  I stumbled onto the Sphere 5.2 by Wonder Vision. This display setup is designed to be an immersive display which provides a half-sphere projection surface for any kind of imaging content, whether it is video or real-time 3D. The experience was very enjoyable.

High DPI Displays: Do You Really Need Them?

Ever since the “Retina” display was launched, the topic of high-resolution display became a big deal in the context of phones, tablets, and even laptops. While “regular” PC monitors still have a pixel density of ~72 PPI (aka DPI), High-density displays for smartphones reach anywhere between 300 and 550 PPI.

LCD VS. OLED: Which Is Best, And Why

LCD and OLED are two very different display technologies that currently coexist on the mobiles and televisions markets. There are other (older) technologies such as Plasma (TV only), but right now, most users have to choose between these two. This page will give you some knowledge about both, and will highlight the differences between them — and provide a general direction for you to decide which is best for your […]

ASUS Announces Trio Of New Gaming Monitors

For the casual gamer, using any display like a regular monitor or even a TV will get the job done. However there are more hardcore gamers who might require more gamer-specific hardware to try and get an edge over the competition as much as possible, and if you are such a gamer you might be interested in checking out ASUS’ trio of new gaming monitors.

ASUS Unveils New FreeSync Monitor Aimed At Gamers

If you’re a hardcore gamer, chances are you are aware that there is a difference in technology used in regular monitors and those designed for gaming. One of those main differences would be in its response time where gaming monitors typically feature faster response times. That being said if you’re after a gaming monitor, ASUS has you covered.The company has recently announced a new monitor in the form of the […]

Samsung Expands Its Curved Monitor Lineup With New Models

Most of us still use regular flat LCD monitors at home or at work. In fact there might still be some users that rely on those old CRT monitors simply because they’d rather not spend money on new ones. In any case if you’re looking to upgrade your monitor and maybe see what all the fuss is about with regards to curved monitors, Samsung has recently announced five new models.These […]

HP Zvr Virtual Reality Display

We’re sure you’ve seen movies and TV shows where the characters in the shows interact with holographic images and are able to manipulate these objects using gestures. Well the good news is that if you wanted to experience that, HP might have something for you that could come pretty close.

27-inch WQHD Acer Display With G-Sync Reportedly In The Works

When it comes to building gaming rigs, hardware gamers will take all sorts of factors into consideration, such as cooling, cable management, RAM speed, speakers, sound card, GPU, and let’s not forget their displays. Now some gamers are perfectly fine with a regular Full HD display, but there are those who care about the minor details.Well if you’re looking to get your hands on a gaming monitor, it seems that […]