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Apple’s Next Pro Display Could Sport An A13 Chipset
A lot of times, displays are kind of boring in terms of their features. This is because for the most part, they only do one thing and that is to display things on its screen, but we don’t really use it beyond that. So as long as it can show us what we’re looking at with relative accuracy in terms of color and details, it’s hard to complain.

LG’s Rollable OLED TV Will Be Priced At $100,000 In The US
A few years ago, LG showed off their rollable TV concept at CES. For those unfamiliar, this is a TV whose display could be rolled up and hidden when not in use, and unfurled into a full-sized TV when you need it. It was a pretty cool concept and if you were thinking that it might be a good fit in your home, we hope you have some cash ready.

Windows 11 Insider Preview Comes With A Dynamic Refresh Rate For Your Monitor
These days, we’re starting to see more monitors come with higher refresh rates. A feature that used to be more or less exclusive to gaming displays has become more common even for non-gamers, but one of the problems with high refresh rates, especially on laptops, is that it can be a bit of a battery drain.

Razer’s Raptor Gaming Monitor Gets A Refresh
Back in 2019, Razer announced their first gaming monitor in the form of the Razer Raptor. It was a 27-inch monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate, something that you might expect from a gaming monitor. However, we are in 2021 and demands and expectations have changed, so a refresh to the monitor did not come as a surprise.


macOS Monterey Will Let Other Macs Double As An External Display
Back in 2009, Apple introduced a feature called Target Display Mode that essentially allowed an iMac to be used by another Mac as an external display. The feature eventually retired in 2014, but it seems that with macOS Monterey, Apple might have revived it to a certain extent in a different form.

USB-C Upgrade Will Let It Deliver Up To 240W Of Power
If there is a reason why we don’t see all devices and computers rely on USB-C for power, it is because the current standard of USB-C tops out at 100W. This is usually more than enough to power things like smartphones and tablets and some laptops, but for more power-hungry gadgets, not so much.

Lenovo’s New ThinkVision P40w-20 Is A Thunderbolt 4 Monitor
A lot of monitors these days still use DisplayPort and HDMI connections. However, if you’re in the market for a display that uses Thunderbolt, then you might be interested to learn that Lenovo has recently announced its new ThinkVision P40w-20 monitor that comes with Thunderbolt 4 connectivity.

Apple Investigating External Display Issues When Connected To M1 Mac Mini
Apple’s M1 Mac mini can be thought of as the company’s first M1 powered desktop computer. However, it’s not necessarily a complete system as you would need to provide your own monitor, but now it seems that some M1 Mac mini users are experiencing some weird display glitches when they do.

LG’s 4K UltraFine Displays Have Disappeared From Apple’s Stores
When Apple discontinued their Thunderbolt Display, many were wondering if this meant that the company could be planning a newer model. Instead, it seems that Apple decided to turn to third-party manufacturers like LG who created an Apple-exclusive series of UltraFine monitors for the company’s Mac lineup.

How to Change Your Monitor’s Refresh Rate on Windows 10
Monitors come in varying refresh rates and they’re usually set to a particular refresh rate by default, but did you know that you can actually increase or decrease your monitor’s refresh rate?

A Cheaper Version Of Apple’s Pro Display XDR Could Be In Development
Apple’s Pro Display XDR costs a small fortune, but then again, it is targeted more towards professionals who might be able to appreciate such features, as opposed to regular consumers looking for a new monitor. However, if you want to complete your Apple setup, there might be some good news on that front.

Sony Announces New Bravia TVs With Cognitive Processor XR
When we think of smart TVs, we think of TVs that come with features like the ability to support apps, streaming services, and more. However, it seems that Sony is really trying to redefine what we know as a smart TV because ahead of CES 2021, the company has announced a new lineup of Bravia TVs that will be powered by Sony’s Cognitive Processor XR.

Acer’s New Nitro Monitor Is Aimed At Console Gamers
When it comes to console gaming, a lot of times console gamers tend to favor TVs. This is because you can get a bigger TV for a cheaper price compared to a monitor with similar specs, plus the way consoles are designed, they’re typically played in the living room where the TV is kept anyway.

Dell Just Launched A 40-inch Ultrawide Curved Monitor
Monitors come in various shapes and sizes, and these days we’re starting to see ultrawide monitors become more popular. If you’re looking for a similar setup, then you might be interested to learn that Dell has since announced their latest monitor that they’re adding to their lineup – a 40-inch ultrawide curved display.

LG Will Showcase A 48-inch Bendable OLED Gaming Display At CES 2021
If there’s one thing to look forward to at every CES, it would be display technology. This is because without fail, every year companies like Samsung, LG, Sony, and others show off new and exciting display technology that could change the way we use our devices, and give us new experiences.

LG’s Next Big Idea: Transparent OLED Automatic Doors
We’re sure that many of you have come across automatic sliding doors that have advertisements plastered on them. This isn’t exactly new, but it seems that LG might be interested in leveraging their display technology by teaming up with Assa Abloy (who owns Yale) by creating automatic doors with OLED display panels.

Apple Patents An Interesting Dual Monitor Stand
When it comes to monitor mounting solutions, everyone has a preference. There are those who are perfectly fine with the stand that their monitors come with, but for others, they might prefer an arm so that it leaves more space on their desks, and depending on how many monitors you’re using, you might have multiple arms or mounts.

Xbox App Will Be Coming To Smart TVs Next Year
One of the advantages of game streaming is the ability for gamers to play games on almost any device that can connect to the internet, and not have to worry about things like hardware compatibility, whether or not their device has enough power to run those games, and so on, and this is an opportunity that Microsoft is looking to take advantage of.

Apple’s New M1 Macs Can Unofficially Support Up To 6 Displays
According to the official specs listed by Apple, Apple’s new M1 powered Mac mini, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro will only support anywhere between 1-2 external displays. This is versus the Intel-powered variants that can support more, but is the limit of 1-2 displays true? It turns out not really.

Samsung’s M7 Is A Monitor And A Smart TV All-In-One
There are people who choose to use a TV as a monitor for their PCs, but there are reasons why monitors are still preferred over TVs, such as size, refresh rate, response time, and so on. However, why can’t you have the best of both worlds? That’s something that Samsung seems to think is possible with its new Samsung M7 display.