Camera speed sometimes isn’t just in the lens, but also its start up time. Most DSLRs don’t have the problem of start up times but when it comes to digital compact cameras, depending on the model you get, start up times can sometimes cause you to miss out on a great shot. If Casio’s claims are to be believed, you may be looking at a camera with a startup time of just under 1 second.

Casio has just unveiled their Exilim EX-ZR15 digital compact camera and it looks like the focus (no pun intended) is on its startup time and auto-focus time. As we mentioned earlier, the EX-ZR15 has a startup time of under 1 second, or to be more precise, 0.99 seconds. It also claims to have an autofocus time of just 0.13 seconds, which to be honest is pretty darn fast for a compact camera, although there are various factors to be considered such as the amount of lighting available.

In between shots the EX-ZR15 is said to only take 0.29 seconds to prepare itself for the next shot, which means downtime is at its minimum. As far as other specs of the camera is concerned, it will feature a 7x optical zoom lens with a 3” LCD and a 14MP sensor. It is expected to be launched in Japan come 22nd of September for ¥40,000 ($510).

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