The advancements in the field of modern warfare has never ceased to amaze me, and among the more interesting weapons that I’ve read about had always been the EMP bomb – where it will disable all forms of electronics within the vicinity. South Korea has just developed an advanced electromagnetic pulse device which is capable of being deployed on the battlefield in order to make short work of enemy computers, according to a defense official. Guess it is now official – although it has long been discussed by experts, but never officially thought to exist.

Park Chang-kyu from the South Korean Agency for Defense Development has extremely confident that the defense committee is able to get the EMP bomb up and ready for wartime use, all they need would be a military request for that to happen.

I would say such a bomb will affect far more than just computers – anything electronic is going to get fried, and the scene from The Matrix Reloaded comes into mind when an EMP bomb was let off in order to disable the sentinels.

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