If you’re the type of person who loves eating fresh produce, and buying them directly from the source or the farmer’s market is a must, Freshlist is a text-based marketplace that will allow you to either buy or sell produce in real time.


Granted that we have smartphones with internet capabilities, but sometimes sellers don’t have time or the resources to create websites with inventory, which is where Freshlist comes in. Created by Hoa Huyn and Joshua Rosen, the app uses the Twilo API for texting message that will allow users to make transactions.

From the seller’s side, all they’d have to do is text their inventory to a list of buyers. The buyer would then type “list” and through the use of GPS, they will receive a list of the products being sold in the area by sellers also in that area that they are currently in. If the buyer is interested, all they’d have to do is text the seller with their phone number and delete the items from their inventory accordingly.

From a technology standpoint, it does seem a little archaic but like we mentioned earlier, for sellers who don’t have the time to create fancy websites with shopping carts, or for sellers of seasonal or sellers at a weekend farmer’s market, this seems like a great solution to spread the word of your wares and conduct sales at the same time.

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