It was not too long ago when Google Drive was spotted in some additions which were made to the code in Chromium (not the operating system just in case some get confused – it is the open source browser behind Chrome) that pointed towards the possibility of Google Drive being launched sometime down the road. Shortly after that, additional proof might nudge that closer from rumor to realization, as eagle-eyed social media consultant, Johannes Wigand, saw an interesting screen during a presentation at a Google-sponsored event which clearly resembled Google Drive.

What he posted on his blog was later verified by Techcrunch, and needless to say, it is currently being used internally at Google. This would be somewhat an act of rising from the ashes, as Google Drive was worked on in 2007 and 2008, albeit killed off only to be resurrected like a phoenix as the market today seems to be far more ready and receptive for something like it.

Just what will Google Drive bring to the table? Well, it is said to offer native syncing software which you can install on different computers and mobile devices, in a similar vein as that of Dropbox. Want to transfer a file from one computer to another? Simple – just drag and drop it into this new Google Drive sync app and you’re good to go.

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