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Google Drive Updates Android And iOS Apps
We have heard of some improvements made to Google Drive not too long ago, where Gmail for Web has been updated to deliver better Google Drive attachment support, and the OK Google command too, will be making its way to the Google Drive app. While we do know that Google Drive would allow one to safely store, access, and share all of your files, there are a couple of updates […]

Google My Maps Arrives On Drive
It does not matter whether you are working on a plan for a road trip with your best friend, or if you happen to be mapping out a list of your favorite runs when it comes to a ski vacation, life is a whole lot easier in either scenario thanks to Google My Maps. Google My Maps happens to be Google’s very own custom map creation tool, and from today […]

Google Drive Gains Improvements
How many of you felt as though you have benefitted greatly from Google Drive and its collection of productivity tools that allows you to work on the move thanks to an Internet connection? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you will be pleased to know that there are improvements made to Google Drive alongside a slew of its editors – Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, and Forms, in order […]

Quickoffice Removed From Google Play And App Store
A couple of years ago, the technology giant known as Google picked up Quickoffice, and after making it available for free to iOS and Android users, it is time that the curtains are brought down on this “servant” of theirs. After all, the folks over at Google has since managed to successfully port over plenty of Quickoffice’s range of features all the way to its Google Drive service, and with […]


Google Drive App Updated
Google has just introduced an update to their Android-based Google Drive application, having done away with support for the built-in document editing feature, and making the move towards standalone apps instead. The recent rollout of productivity applications that included the likes of Docs, Sheets and Slides for both the iOS and Android mobile platforms do seem to want to go head to head with Microsoft Office Mobile which was recently […]

Google Drive And Gmail Integration Tightens
Ever since Google Drive made its debut in April this year, you could say that millions of folks have already flocked over to the platform, using Drive as a digital place to stash away, create and share files. Of course, Google always seeks to improve the way they do things, as well as make life generally easier for the masses, which is why from today onwards, you are able to […]

Google Drive lets you get more stuff done
Google has introduced some minor updates on Google Drive, allowing you to have an easier time finding, organizing, and viewing stuff on Google Drive itself. You can search by person, which comes in handy should you be unable to remember the name of a file, although you know who was the person who shared it with you. Drive search will now auto-complete people’s names, so that it is easier to […]

Google's Drive ready to rock and roll?
Everyone seems to be taking the cloud storage route these days, and Google is not exempt. The Internet search giant has long been working on a cloud-storage service that is simply known as Drive, and assuming it takes off in a big way, it might just prove itself to be a worthy rival of cloud-storage provider Dropbox Inc., a blue-eyed boy in Silicon Valley. Similar to Dropbox in nature, Google’s […]

Takata Corporation and TruTouch Technologies to keep drunks off the roads
Drunk drivers are one of the main causes of car accidents, and the world would definitely benefit without them around. However, right now there’s nothing to stop these irresponsible folk from getting into a car after having one too many drinks at a party. Road blocks and fines may be effective deterrents, but the police can’t possibly set up check points on every single street, every night in hopes of […]

Google Drive for real, yo!
It was not too long ago when Google Drive was spotted in some additions which were made to the code in Chromium (not the operating system just in case some get confused – it is the open source browser behind Chrome) that pointed towards the possibility of Google Drive being launched sometime down the road. Shortly after that, additional proof might nudge that closer from rumor to realization, as eagle-eyed […]

The Stud 2GB USB Drive Bag Charm is chic and functional
A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about the USB Flash Drive Cufflinks that would be perfect for men in shirts, but what about the ladies out there? Well, not to worry, as Cameo Nouveau has something in store for the fairer sex. Called The Stud 2GB USB Drive Bag Charm, this cute girly USB drive does more than store up to 2GB of files you would like to transfer. […]

Elecom Data clip does more than store your files
Swiss army knife USB drives seem to be all the rage now – I mean, why spend money on a thumb drive that only stores files when you can get one that comes with a screwdriver as well? But some of those Swiss army knife USB drives aren’t suitable for everybody – for example, why would a school teacher need a can opener or a similar tool? They’d be better […]

Jabra Drive Bluetooth speakerphone
Jabra has just announced a spanking new Bluetooth speakerphone for the masses known as the Drive. That’s really simple, no? Capable of hooking up to a couple of devices simultaneously, it requires no form of setup – and it is smart enough to speak out its own status messages for your attention. Apart from that, it will also stream audio from a GPS device or smartphone, while doubling up as […]

Tamawa billiard ball flash drive
Tamawa has just introduced a new mini flash drive that’s made out of Bakelite – the same material that is used to make billiard balls. When closed and not in use, the flash drive looks like two billiard balls fused together. Users can choose from seven different colors for each half of the ball to come up with their own color combinations for the thumb drive. The tiny drive stores […]