The HTC Sensation, which some have called it the Pyramid, looks set to flex its processing muscles all the more – through a tweak inside that will see an increase in its processor speed, albeit slightly. A Class II Permissive Change notice that was approved by the FCC will see another 300MHz added to the current 1.2GHz figure, and when that happens, the HTC Sensation will be one of the handful of dual-core 1.5GHz smartphones which are in the market.

Apart from that, the HTC Sensation will also be on the receiving end of a larger battery so that you can keep yourself entertained and occupied for longer than ever before. HTC’s Change Notice did mention that the Sensation will get a 1930mAh BG86100 battery – which is pretty impressive, considering it chugs to the 1520mAh battery at the moment. I suppose that’s a no brainer considering the increase in clock speed that will obviously cause more of a power drain. Who knows – the new battery with a faster processor might not even see a longer battery life than what you’re getting currently.

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