iTwin, the nifty wireless filesharing device was announced to have Mac OS X support late last month. As of today, the device has left the beta testing stage and is now ready to be used by the public. Users who want to download the upgrade for their computers can head over to iTwin’s website to get it.

For those of you who are not sure what iTwin is, it’s basically a pair of USB sticks that allows two computers to share data over the internet securely, with military-grade encryption. All you have to do is plug each stick into a separate computer, pair them up, and start transferring files. Each stick needs its other half in order to work (so, don’t lose one or it’ll be worthless). Missing sticks can be disabled with the use of a Remote Disable Code.

The iTwin is pretty versatile, in the sense that it can be used for basic file transferring or to turn a home PC into a secure and private cloud server. And with the size of the computer’s hard disk that it is plugged into being the only limit – it makes it more useful than a regular USB stick at times. Purchase or find out more about the iTwin here, or watch a video demonstration of how iTwin works:

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