goodbye-macDespite looking somewhat familiar on the outside, under the hood Apple has made quite a lot of changes to its new MacBook Pro. One of those changes that you might notice if you were to buy the computer, would be the omission of the classic Mac startup chime that you would hear whenever you turn the computer on.

Yup, according to it looks like Apple has decided to get rid of the very iconic sound that has been more or less a staple of Mac computers since 1991 (although its pitch has since been changed over the years). Now to be fair, Microsoft has also changed its startup and shutdown sounds over the years with the various incarnations of Windows, so we guess it does seem like the natural progression of things, although we guess longtime Mac users will probably miss it.

The startup chime isn’t the only thing that Apple has killed in its new MacBook Pro. They have also gotten rid of the MagSafe charging port that allows for quick unlinking of the charger cable in the event of a trip. They have also done away with all the traditional USB ports in favor of the new USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports, and they have also killed off the SD card reader, which is actually quite a pity, and also the glowing Apple logo.

It is unclear as to why Apple has decided to do away with the chime and if you’re wondering if it is a bug, it is not according to this Apple’s support document. In any case we guess this is something that we’ll miss, but will eventually get used to.

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