Right, so your clothes might not be an accurate video game controller just yet due to restrictions in the technology and scope of development involved, but that does not mean Microsoft’s Kinect cannot have some fun by itself – as it has been spotted at the South Bay Galleria in Redondo Beach when helping dress someone up in a virtual dressing room setting. Definitely great for those who hate slipping off and putting on different clothes, while shopowners also need not go through the hassle of steam ironing the same dress for the umpteenth time that day because it is such a hot ticket item that plenty of walk-in customers want to give it a go.

This is not a new idea though, as it has already been shown off during one of Kinect’s earlier promotional videos – so early in the Kinect’s lifecyle that it was still known as Project Natal. What do you think of having Kinect being installed in fashion boutiques in the future? Perhaps haute couture labels will give this a miss since the choice of material is still very important, and customers would want to get a feel of how fine silk falls on their skin before parting with a few grand for a scarf.

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