Remember our story about the Play Video Memo Pad that we covered a few days ago? Well, this particular device that hails from Native Union has finally debuted at the Pepcom Holiday Spectacular media event. Of course, Native Union did not only parade the Play Video Memo Pad there, but kept it accompanied with a limited edition Crystal POP handset and a limited edition Desert POP phone.


We will, of course, concentrate on what the Play offers – this rather modern looking video memo pad will definitely spell the end of Post It notes – or at least, that is what Native Union hopes it would do. It will feature a 2.4″ color LCD display as well as enough memory to stash a 3-minute video recording, which you can choose to break that down into many segments or one long lecture (at least that is what it will feel like to your kids).

At $59.99 a pop, it is said that the Play will be one of the hottest selling items for the coming holiday season. What do you think? Will the traditional Post It note still reign supreme over all other forms of written reminders, or will the multimedia generation prefer something digital? [Press Release]

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