It was just yesterday that we were mulling over whether the circle pad attachment (say hello to Monster Hunter!) will be realized on the Nintendo 3DS or not, and here we are today with word from the horse’s mouth that the long rumored right thumbstick (another way to describe said attachment) will be making to its way to the 3DS – this was confirmed as the Japanese gaming giant emailed CNET.

Nintendo has also settled for a name, calling the attachment the Circle Pad. You can’t get any more simpler than this, could you? Not only that, Nintendo has gone even further by claiming the picture printed in Japan’s Famitsu magazine that you see on the right is definitely the real McCoy.

This particular add-on to your Nintendo 3DS will wrap around the bottom panel of the handheld console, where its role is to introduce another thumbstick to the right of the device’s action buttons. What do you think of the attachment – is it too large and bulky in an age where slim and sleek looks are in, or do you not mind sacrificing a certain degree of aesthetics in order to have a more enjoyable gaming experience?

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