What happens when you want to clone one of the most successful computer operating systems of all time? Why, apart from talent, you will also need plenty of money – and even that is no guarantee of success in any way. When it comes to money, however, Russian President Medvedev has been asked to cough up the necessary funds for ReactOS, a free, open-source Windows “clone”.

ReactOS is said to have been in development for more than 10 years, and it has actually captured the imagination of Russian premier Dmitry Medvedev. Recently, a student over at a Russian high school which the president visited presented a quick overview of the project to Mr Medvedev, pitching in a 1 million Euro request at the same time.

According to ReactOS’ developers, this particular open-source clone is capable of running the entire gamut of Windows programs (without mentioning whether that means running them just fine or without any hitches), but it will also boast a far superior performance compared to the Microsoft equivalent. With enough funding, it might even end up under the “usable” category down the road.

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