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How To create Virtual Machines (VMs)?
It is actually fascinating to emulate another computer system within your own. It involves creating a virtual machine which acts as a duplicate/clone to the real system. In this article, we will get to know about virtual machines, how to create virtual machines and the best things you can achieve from it.

Smartisan OS Jumps On The Mobile Operating System Bandwagon
Who would have thought that the mobile operating system scene is big enough to accommodate yet another player to the market, where this time around, it would hail from China, courtesy of Hammer Technologies (no, this has nothing to do with the fictional Justin Hammer in the Iron Man film), where they have made attempts to push their latest smartphone operating system that is known as the Smartisan OS.Of course, […]

Boot to Gecko mobile operating system undergoing testing
Back in July Mozilla announced its intention to enter the mobile operating system wars with its own offering called Boot to Gecko (B2G). Since then we haven’t really kept up with the project, but according the latest reports online, it looks like B2G is progressing well because the team is already putting the operating system through its testing phase. A working demo of the smartphone operating system is also said […]

Samsung considering bringing Bada into US market
Samsung’s very own mobile platform, Bada, has done well for itself in Europe, and with the smartphone platform market in the US starting to look a bit crowded with Android, iOS, Blackberry OS, Windows Phone and Symbian just to name a few, what will happen if you throw Bada into the mix?


ReactOS Windows clone needs more funding
What happens when you want to clone one of the most successful computer operating systems of all time? Why, apart from talent, you will also need plenty of money – and even that is no guarantee of success in any way. When it comes to money, however, Russian President Medvedev has been asked to cough up the necessary funds for ReactOS, a free, open-source Windows “clone”.ReactOS is said to have […]

China's Baidu displays new mobile OS
We first heard that Baidu might be making their way into the mobile operating system market more than a year ago, and with the top search engine on China developing their very own Web browser, here is the latest on Baidu Inc. – it seems that the company has offered a glimpse of its upcoming mobile operating system, while rolling out a new mobile application platform in order to boost […]

Windows 8 confirmed to be getting their own app store
A few months back there were rumors circulating Windows 8, and one of them was that the upcoming OS by Microsoft would be featuring an app store. Given the tablet-esque nature of the platform, it’s really not surprising that there might be an app store for it, not to mention Microsoft’s competitor, Apple, recently introduced the Mac App Store for its laptops and computers.

Are Android phones really that hard to use?
Some results of the latest research from ClickFox, an analytics company, show that most Americans find Android and BlackBerry phones difficult to operate. ClickFox recently did some research on smartphone service costs and transfer rates, and it turns out that a lot of customer service representatives are usually on the phone talking about Android and BlackBerry phones. Apple’s iPhone clocked in the least agent calls and repeat agent calls within […]

Google Chrome OS successfully hacked
One of Google’s Chrome OS strongest selling points was the fact that it had much better built-in security than other operating systems. The OS split up between different hard drive partitions: one swap partition, one encrypted user partition and one read-only operating system root partition to make life difficult for any attackers to take advantage of. Well it looks like those walls have crumbled.Some security researchers at the recent Black […]

Boot to Gecko: Mozilla enters the OS wars
Boot to Gecko - Mozilla has announced that it will be developing a new operating system for devices that will run apps primarily on the web

Microsoft says that they will only provide 1,000 more days of support for Windows XP
Windows XP users, if you thought that you could get away with running Windows XP for the next 10 years, you’re in for a disappointment, as Microsoft has recently come out and said that support for Windows XP will be ending in less than 1,000 days. What this means is that come somewhere in early 2014, Microsoft would have hoped you moved on to Windows 7 (or Windows 8, whatever […]

Windows 8 Interface: Not Friendly to Windows Developers
Microsoft showed off its latest incarnation of the Windows operating system last week, and it was mostly received warmly by the public. People thought the new user interface and tablet experience were appealing, and a welcome change from the previous and current generation of Windows. But like most things, there are always downsides to everything.In this case – the new user interface for the new Windows apps comes with a […]

Nokia to create a tablet – but not just any tablet
In a recent interview with a Finnish TV channel, Nokia confirmed that they will be releasing a tablet – but they will be taking their own sweet time to get it right. As of now, details of the tablet are scarce, and they haven’t decided on what operating system they will be using for the device. As they haven’t given themselves a timeline to when they want the tablet to […]

LG to create MeeGo smartphones
Since Nokia has jumped shipped over to Microsoft’s side and will be developing Windows Phone 7 devices in the future, the open source operating system they helped start, MeeGo was left alone in the hands on Intel. Now it looks like Intel won’t be alone in the MeeGo battle. Some other companies have stepped up to the plate and will be assisting in the creation of MeeGo handsets for the […]