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Sol Computers Rolls Out Sunlight Readable USB Monitor
Sol Computers has rolled out what could very well be an interesting addition to those who want more visual real estate on their travels – a sunlight readable 10” USB monitor with Pixel Qi display. It is definitely a boon to those who tend to do presentations outside of the office, and yet are thwarted by bright sunlight under most weather conditions, as the glossy display that worked brilliantly indoors […]

Sol Computer netbook is one tough cookie
Netbooks are not in vogue, and have not been so for quite the longest time already, but apparently, this has not stopped Sol Computer from releasing their latest netbook that is based on the Intel Classmate PC design. Basically, that translates to the new Sol Computer netbook living up to everyday “abuse” that you can throw at it, especially when it is in the hands of children. Constructed out of […]

Pixel Qi; Possible Competition to the New iPads Retina Display?
Pixel Qi, the company which has not made much impact with its outdoor readable color displays with low power consumption has made an announcement with regards to its upcoming range of screens. The founder of the company which only about a dozen consumer devices, Mary Lou Jepsen said that the company has new architecture with 2048 x1536 resolution screens which are better and much more power-conscious than Apple’s new iPad […]

Pixel Qi now on a dozen devices
When it comes to displays on your consumer electronics devices, most of them do not fare too well outdoors, especially when they are used under bright sunlight. Well, perhaps with the help of Pixel Qi and their spanking new display solution which has made its way to trade shows for some time already, it might just provide the right answer to the question that begs a solution. Basically, Pixel Qi’s […]


Sol Computers deliver netbook and tablet with Pixel Qi displays
Pixel Qi has done some rather impressive work with their sunlight-friendly displays in the past, and said screens have already made their way to the offices of San Diego-based Sol Computers. According to Sol Computers, the company decided to settle on what Pixel Qi had to offer because of the higher rate of visibility. Too bad by throwing these displays into an otherwise mediocre hardware configuration, the price has increased […]

Pixel Qi shows off solar-powered tablets
One of the caveats of using a tablet outdoors is its lack of visibility. At the moment, most tablets don’t fare very well when used in bright sunlight, bar the Notion Ink Adam which that makes use of Pixel Qi’s special screen that’s been developed for use in any lighting condition. Well, the folks behind the daylight-readable screen have decided to take the technology a step further.Pixel Qi has managed […]

Pixel Qi and CPT announce manufacturing partnership
Pixel Qi displays are well known for their impressive performance in the sunlight, but one of the issues attributed to this display is its scarcity. That might change in the future as Pixel Qi and CPT have announced a manufacturing partnership, confirming that the companies are developing three new screens of various sizes that will reach the market sometime in 2011. The companies have already been working together quietly in […]

Notion Ink Asks For User Feedback On Color Choices For Its Tablet
Notion Ink’s Adam tablet is much publicized for its use of a Pixel Qi low-power, outdoor-readable display, though the device has been taking its own sweet time in order to arrive. With all the fuss about customization going around nowadays, it’s obvious that color options are important to devices and Notion Ink has confirmed that the tablet will be available in a few different color designs, and it’s currently seeking […]

Display Solutions offer d-screen Qi10
Display Solutions of Pixel Qi fame has something new for the masses this time around – we’re talking about the d-screen Qi10, an external 10-inch Pixel Qi display which will be juiced via USB or get this, viewed over wireless USB interfaces. While it comes with a similar 1024 x 600 resolution, it remains to be seen (pun intended) whether it will have better superior viewing angles as the regular […]

Pixel Qi To Come Up With 7-inch Low-power Displays In 2011
Pixel Qi fans should be quite happy to hear that the founder Mary Lou Jepsen has announced that the company is busy working on a 7-inch version of its low-power, dual-mode displays. While the shipping date for these displays is expected to be in the first half of 2011, samples could be available for companies looking to integrate the technology by the end of 2010. Pixel Qi’s existing 10-inch display […]

Pixel Qi display kit lets you replace netbook LCDs
Pixel Qi’s display kit is now available for those of you who want to replace their netbook LCD displays, where this 10.1 incher is going for $275 while shipping in 2 to 3 business days. Needless to say, it is imperative that you have a decent level of technical know before you get started on this project, but it should take less than 5 minutes to fix with a screwdriver. […]

Innoversal Shows Off Lattice Tablet With Pixel Qi display
Many folks are looking forward to checking out the Notion Ink tablet that sports a Pixel Qi display, but it won’t be the only device that offer such a display. A company called Innoversal is busy showing off a 10-inch tablet device, the Innoversal Lattice that sports a Pixel Qi 3qi display at Computex. As with Pixel Qi displays, you’ll be able to turn off the backlight of the display […]

DIY Pixel Qi Display Kits Coming In Q2 Of 2010
Dissatisfied with the performance of your laptop’s LCD display under direct sunlight? Well, fear not, as it seems that there will be DIY Pixel Qi displays come Q2 of 2010, and you’ll be able to replace your own laptop screen with one from Pixel Qi, which will most likely be a 10-inch module. The wonders of a Pixel Qi display will then be bestowed upon your laptop, such as being […]

Notion Ink Adam Sports A Pixel Qi Display
[CES 2010] The Notion Ink tablet isn’t the only device at CES to sport Nvidia’s Tegra2 chip and Android 2.0, but the thing that separates it from the rest of the pack is its Pixel Qi transflective screen. This 10.1-inch display can switch between a backlit LCD mode to a low-power electrophoretic reflective mode (similar to E-Ink). While the LCD colors don’t seem to be as vivid as normal LCDs […]