With Apple’s iPod touch running on iOS, Sony has decided to debut something similar with their Walkman prototype which will be running on Android. Based on the photo above we can’t help but feel that it’s reminiscent of the Sony Ericsson Xperia series of Android handsets, but it’s a design that works so why not keep it, right?

The Walkman prototype has apparently been designed “for music lovers by music lovers”, and given how it’s running on Android, users should be able to expect more than just music playback. In fact, considering how iOS and Android are more or less butting heads for top spot in mobile platform market share, we can foresee this Android Walkman prototype eventually giving the iPod touch a run for its money.

Some of the features Sony mentioned that the Walkman will be sporting includes a dedicated W.Button on the side of the device that will provide the user direct access to music controls, even if the device is locked. It will also feature the S-Master MX suite of technology that Sony claims improves audio quality by reducing noise, bass clarification and also the ability to restore high-frequency sound that may have been lost during the compression.

Users can also expect to access Sony’s Music Unlimited cloud-based music service that the company is charging $4 a month for a basic subscription, and $10 per month for a premium subscription. Given that it’s a prototype there is no word on how much it will cost and when it will be made available, although Sony has said that they are “working hard for an early introduction”.

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