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Nokia Guru Leaked In Official Press Image
We recently heard about the Nokia Guru thanks to @evleaks leaking information regarding the MP3 player just a few days ago. And just a few days later, we have what appears to be the first press render of the Nokia Guru.As you can see from the image published above, the Nokia Guru has some similarities to Apple’s iPod Shuffle. Judging by the image, there doesn’t seem to be a display […]

Hörbert MP3 player for the rich kids
While all men are born equal, that does not mean others are not first among equals. From a very early age, we are thrust into a society that tends to favor the rich and powerful, and for folks who are busy trying to eke out a living, maintaining a day to day existence with their meagre earnings, a $300 MP3 player for your little one does sound like overkill. Is […]

Louis Vuitton PLAYBUTTON MP3 player
When it comes to the world of high fashion, you know for sure that there are some names which you simply cannot ignore – and Louis Vuitton is definitely one of them. The Louis Vuitton PLAYBUTTON MP3 player hails from a Spring/Summer 2012 project, where menswear designer Kim Jones joins forces with Ambush Designs co-founder and Reebok Asia creative director VERBAL, resulting in a portable audio player that is tiny […]

Skull MP3 Player II makes for good Halloween decorations
If you’re planning on holding a Halloween party in your house, why not keep to theme of things and pump scary music through the Skull MP3 Player II by Brando? For those who follow Brando’s products, the Skull MP3 Player II is the successor to the Skull MP3 Player, which featured a more futuristic look with its light-up eyes and everything.


Kung Fu Panda and gang makes music
I have yet to meet a person who found Kung Fu Panda to be a turn off, so it either is one universally appealing cartoon character, or I do not know enough people – I suspect it is the latter, but I digress. If you happen to be a fan of Kung Fu Panda, then you would definitely be pleased to hear (pun not intended as you can soon tell) […]

HEX expands Icon watch band for the iPod nano
Case manufacturers and watch band manufacturers for the iPod nano must be breathing a huge sigh of relief, as Apple had announced yesterday that apart from some tweaks in software, the hardware (including design and dimensions) of the iPod nano remain largely untouched. Capitalizing on this, HEX has unveiled today their new line of Icon watch bands for the iPod nano.

Archos Vision steampunk inspired MP3 player
If you’re a fan of steampunk inspired designs and you don’t mind dropping a few hundred on a steampunk MP3 player, Will Rockwell’s steampunk inspired MP3 player could be something worth checking out.

Sony Meb Keflezighi NWZ-W262 Walkman MP3 player for runners
If you love the feeling of running, having all the wind run through your hair while you lengthen your stride in order to catch up with whoever is in front of you, then we bring you good news from Sony – as they have just announced their special edition Meb Keflezighi NWZ-W262 Walkman MP3 player that is the same make as the lightweight, water-resistant W260 model (that you can see […]

Creative ZEN X-Fi3 media player announced
Looking for an MP3 player that isn’t an iPod? If you’re not a fan of Apple’s line of MP3 players, you will be pleased to find out that Creative has just announced their ZEN X-Fi3 media player that based on its dimensions alone could give the iPod Nano a run for its money.

Sony debuts Walkman prototype running Android
With Apple’s iPod touch running on iOS, Sony has decided to debut something similar with their Walkman prototype which will be running on Android. Based on the photo above we can’t help but feel that it’s reminiscent of the Sony Ericsson Xperia series of Android handsets, but it’s a design that works so why not keep it, right?

Grace Digital Eco Pod keeps your phone or MP3 player safe from harm
If you saw the LifeCase and wished that there was a something like that for devices other than the iPhone, you’re in luck. Grace Digital Audio, a company known for creating internet radios, wireless speakers, and outdoor audio solutions has launched the Eco Pod just for that purpose. This time instead of being only compatible with your iPhone, the Eco Pod works for other devices as well. Be it an […]

Sony releases new Walkman PMPs
While the original Walkman might be dead, the brand name still lives on. Sony has just announced new additions to its Walkman portable media player line up: the A860, S760 and the E460. All three models come with a sleek, curvaceous new design, and are touted to have a generous battery life for longer listening. Best of all, they support easy drag-and-drop for transferring music through the use of iTunes […]

H2O Audio Xplorer Portable Speaker Case is rugged
If you need a portable speaker case to keep your MP3 player or smartphone safe so you can listen to music while you chill by the pool, go camping or even cycle long distances – you’re going to need something that’s durable and built to last, and that’s what the H2O Audio Xplorer Portable Speaker Case is. Designed for such usage, the Xplorer Portable Speaker Case keeps your mobile device […]

Portable solar charger, MP3 player and FM transmitter
If you hate running out of battery on some of your devices such as your smartphone or tablet or even MP3 player, then perhaps this 3-in-1 solar powered charger could be something you might want to check out.

Microsoft Releases Nine New Apps For Zune
Not a fan of all things Apple and you just refuse to buy an iPod? Perhaps you’re a Microsoft loyalist and you went for their Zune MP3 player instead. Well if you’re still using the Zune, it looks like Microsoft has released several new apps for you – nine new apps to be exact. They consist of six brand new games, two handy utilities and one entertainment app. Compared to […]

iriver T9: the MP3 player with a G-sensor
Just when you thought we’d never see products other than Apple’s own being marketed with the whole “i” moniker again, the folks at iriver have just released a new MP3 player into the market. Called the iriver T9, this USB stick resembles an iPod Shuffle with a display and control pad. The Monochrome OLED display is used for navigation purposes and to show you what song is being played at […]

Sony Walkman NWZ-B160F/B160 MP3 players debut
Sony knows that there is still some more money to be made with the Walkman brand name, and hence has decided to go ahead and roll out the NWZ-B160F and B160 MP3 players. Wait a minute here – dedicated, standalone MP3 players in this day and age? That does not sound quite right, after all, isn’t even the most basic of feature phones these days are capable of functioning as […]

Android MP3 player does things differently
Surely when you read the title of this post, you would have thought of a portable media player that runs on the Android operating system, right? Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but what you see on the right is actually a cute looking device that is physically shaped after Google’s Android mascot, carrying the innards of an MP3 player within. Needless to say, you can be sure that this […]

Punch Plugs Review
To headphone makers, this must feel like a golden age: Apple alone has sold more than 275 million iPods. On top of that, hundreds of millions of other pocket musicians roam the world – wanna-be iPods as well as smartphones with built-in MP3 players. So even if many people stick with the generic earbuds that come bundled with their gadgets, fortunes can be made by selling better headphones to people […]

Playbutton album MP3 player to go on sale In Feb 2011
With iPods and many other MP3 players out there nowadays, folks won’t be able to tell what kind of music you’re listening to unless you tell them. The Playbutton, which is expected to launch in February 2011, will offer a different experience to sharing/enjoying music. There will be eight different albums to choose from, and each button is actually an MP3 player, allowing you to listen to your music directly […]