It’s not very often you see big websites take time out of their day to help one of their users out in such a personal way, but it appears that discovery engine, StumbleUpon, has done that for one of their users by helping him to propose to his girlfriend of many years.

For those unfamiliar with StumbleUpon’s service, it basically recommends web content to their users, who will then rate it recommendations thus allowing the system to “learn” what sort of web content you’re after, thus catering content suited to your interests. In a way it’s like the Pandora for web sites. Since Tyrel and his girlfriend Marquita are both avid users of the service, Tyrel contacted StumbleUpon to see if they would help him out with his plan to propose to his girlfriend.

After Tyrel contacted our community team, our engineers were able to set up a special stumble session in Marquita’s StumbleUpon account at just the right moment that Tyrel picked out. Tyrel selected several sites themed around love and included a funny cartoon, the greatest wedding photo of all time, a video of a dog saying “I love you,” and a graphic with the words “Say yes!” leading up to his final blog proposal. The proposal stumble shows several photo entries, each one with Tyrel holding a different sign that when scrolled through and read in succession reveal the message “Will you marry me?”

Check out the touching video below.

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