I must say that this piece of news is rather disappointing – in fact, I was pretty much looking forward to it, but to heard that the TouchDroid project is dead? Time to move on in life, I guess. Good thing that the disbanding of the project team does not mean that a TouchPad Android port will no longer be reality, as the CyanogenMod’s team has taken over where it left off.

In fact, the whole thing was somewhat a mess – one of the main reasons why the TouchDroid project failed to continue was because of accusations of code theft by the CyanogenMod team, who were also working on a similar idea. When the TouchDroid team posted a video that displayed a Touchpad run a touch-enabled install of Android 2.3, the CyanogenMod team stepped forward and accused TouchDroid team members of stealing code from the CyanogenMod port.

I guess the CyanogenMod team had every right to be incensed since the TouchDroid team at last credited the CyanogenMod team for their work, and declared that they were “no longer actively working on a port” of Android to the Touchpad. Well, all’s well that ends well, and with the CyanogenMod team at the helm of the project, I must say the end result would be satisfactory at the very least.

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