The next time you tell your girlfriends that you are about to window shop, be prepared to surprise them with a new way of doing so – thanks to the clever integration of motion sensor technology. This particular method will literally transform your window shopping experience, thanks to the interactive “Shop Window” system which is based on a sensor similar to the Microsoft Kinect. It is capable of detecting basic gestures including pointing, and depending on the gestures you play out, it will transform the display into a range of products as per your interest.


The whole idea behind this is you need not wait until someone at the store attends to you before finding out whether said product is available – just walk by even when the shop is closed, and start gesturing away. Once you’re happy with the results, you can always drop by the next day and pick up your selection.

It would make sense for big brands and department stores to implement this particular mechanism on their floors, while other smaller retailers would probably balk at the amount of money needed to invest in such a system. It does not look as though it is going to come cheap for sure.

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