The AMD FX-8150 was recently used to break a world record in terms of overclocking, but Andre Yang has gone beyond the previous record (8.429GHz) by reaching 8.46151GHz, however he did so by disabling 6 of the 8 cores in order to lower the overall temperature. Depending on how you look at it, this is either smart  or cheating. At the very least, we would say that the results can’t really be compared. On the other hand, maybe the world record was just about GHz

In any case, this is merely an exercise which won’t be useful for most people as it requires special cooling using liquid gas etc. I even wonder if such feats are really influencing hardcore modders who will care more about actual real-world performance. In any case, this is sure going to spark some controversy over whether or not the record was actually broken. What do you think?

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