So we know that the Angry Birds game is popular, so much so that there have been so many spin-offs based on the game, both in the official and unofficial capacity. For example you will be able to find Angry Bird apparel, soft toys, figurines, speakers, phone covers, and even an amusement park based on the game! Now it looks like there’s even an Angry Birds tablet available.

The tablet is actually based off the Wopad V7 tablet, which houses a Cortex A8 CPU with the ability to playback 1080p HD videos. What makes this Wopad V7 an Angry Birds tablet is that the 4GB of memory it comes with has been installed with a variety of Angry Birds digital media. It ranges from applications like the different Seasons variations of the game, along with wallpapers too.

We’re not sure how big a fan you must be to buy this tablet, but apart from those features we mentioned, users can also expect a 7” 800×480 display with 512MB of RAM, a front-facing camera with Android’s Gingerbread 2.3 loaded on board. It does not appear to be on sale in the US.

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