There is a reason for a Dual SIM phone – so that you will be able to divide those on your contact list between work and leisure contacts, and there is no need to carry around two phones when one will do just fine. Well, I clearly remember the Nokia E72 that had different profiles in the user interface that allowed me to switch between ‘Work’ and ‘Play’ modes, and here we have AT&T with the aptly named Toggle – where this Android-powered app will allow you to switch your devices from a work mode to a personal mode and back.

It ought to be able to arrive before the year is over, so those who are on a tight business schedule and can’t wait for it – hang in there, buddy! The Work mode allows you to access corporate e-mail, apps, and calendars amongst others, similar to what a company-provided device would do. This mode will also enable IT administrators to manage just which employees have access to which resources, in addition to adding, managing, or deleting business apps on personal devices. Expect this app to work with devices from any provider and hardware manufacturer as long as the device runs on Android 2.2 Froyo at the very minimum. No idea on pricing yet though, so those who are interested would do well to contact AT&T.

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