There are times when you just need a really quick way to jot down notes, perhaps at the end of the class when you’ve powered down your laptop only to have the professor suddenly make a last minute announcement, and for those who are forgetful instead of rummaging your bag looking for piece of paper and a pen, how about simply writing it down on your laptop itself?

If you think that whipping out a market and drawing on top of your shiny new MacBook Air that you just dropped $1,000 on is ridiculous, bear with us for a while. What we’re talking about here is the DrawTop, which is essentially a sticker version of the whiteboard that you can paste onto the lids of your laptops. Depending on the size of your laptop, you probably can’t use this to take down entire lectures, but you will be able to leave yourself short notes reminding you to feed the dog, or view a live webcast and etc.

It is available from DrawTop’s website for $10, but if you buy two it will cost you only $14. If this sounds like something you wouldn’t mind having, head on down to DrawTop’s website and order yours today.

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