Facebook Rolls Out Sticker Support For Its Website

Facebook rolled out support for stickers to be used in messages on its website.

Comic Book Keyboard Stickers Brings Your Favorites To Your Fingertips

We believe by 2013, you should know your keyboard exceptionally well. You probably don’t think twice as you’re typing along and most likely don’t look down at your keys throughout the day. But you might want to glance down every so often if you equip your keyboard with this set of comic-book themed keyboard stickers. The keyboard stickers are sold by Etsy seller Killer Duck Decals and not only places cool-looking […]

Photoshop Shortcut Decal Stickers help you with Photoshop shortcuts

We all know that the mouse is good enough for accessing most of the options and features you need in Adobe Photoshop, but did you know that shortcut keys work much faster? However, it can be pretty difficult trying to memorize every single shortcut on your keyboard, especially if you’re not someone who uses them in the first place. Well, if that is an issue for you, these Photoshop Shortcut […]

DrawTop adds a whiteboard onto your laptop

There are times when you just need a really quick way to jot down notes, perhaps at the end of the class when you’ve powered down your laptop only to have the professor suddenly make a last minute announcement, and for those who are forgetful instead of rummaging your bag looking for piece of paper and a pen, how about simply writing it down on your laptop itself?


4G Windows Phone 7 devices arriving on T-Mobile?

Folks working at T-Mobile retail outlets today have received a new shipment of stickers that are usually sent to outlets in preparation for the arrival of new devices. Well the batch that they’ve received today is a very curious lot. Nevermind the Android stickers, and the Windows Phone stickers – what’s interesting is the Windows Phone 4G stickers that are part of the bunch.

LightDims stickers make sure those LEDs don’t keep you up at night

While LED lights on your electronics are useful indicators for letting you know whether your gadgets are turned on or busy working, they can be pretty annoying in the middle of the night, especially if you go to bed with them powered on. To overcome this solution, you have a few options: place an object in front of it to block it, or turn the devices so that they face […]

Google’s Cr-48 Chrome notebook now ships with cute stickers

You might remember Google’s Cr-48 Chrome notebook from our review of it, and if you thought the notebook didn’t do enough to physically look different from the competition, you’ll be happy to hear this latest update. Apparently the notebook now ships with a bunch of stickers that you can decorate it with. Of course, the stickers don’t provide any magical powers to your Chrome notebook, but it does help you […]