We mentioned briefly earlier this morning about Google Earth getting downloaded a cool billion times already, which means if each person on earth were to be represented by a single download, every one out of seven humans is a Google Earth app. Even more interesting is the fact that Google Earth is just six years old – or should I say, young?

If you so happen to fall into the category of being the remaining 6 billion people who have yet to download Google Earth, what’s holding you back? After all, you will be able to experience navigable, photographic images of the Earth that were snapped by satellites residing thousands of feet above the earth.

To make sure that Google Earth’s momentum is not broken and will be given an even further boost, Google intends to mark this particular milestone by pitching neworldmanystories.com, a site that has posted stories from around the world, including Roz Savage, a British rower who actually penned her memoirs of being at sea all alone for over 500 days.

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