i'm WatchRemember the i’m Watch, the Android-based watch that we talked about a few months ago? Well, the folks over at armdevices.net recently caught up with the creators of the watch and shot some video footage of it in action. The watch runs on the Freescare i.MX233 processor, packs a 1.54″ capacitive touchscreen, and uses Bluetooth to synchronize with your smartphone (Android and iPhone compatible), and is capable of running Android apps (that take advantage of the i’m Watch’s API).

At first glance it might look like an iPod Nano knock-off, with its grid, 4-icon interface, but after closer inspection it’s actually Android 1.6 Donut running on a tiny screen (which looks very cute – especially when it comes to pulling down the notifications tray). It sports a relatively weak battery life (2 days standby or half a day with heavy usage) so don’t expect to go for days without charging. The i’m Watch will go on sale before Christmas with prices starting from 300 Euros ($425). Check out the video demonstration of the watch:

[I’m Watch official website]

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