Sino-Japan relationships have not exactly been at their best in the past, but with China having overtaken Japan as the second biggest economy in the world, I would say they have most probably buried the hatchet already. Still, I would assume not everyone in their respective countries have received the memo that it is better to work together than to go up against one another, hence having computers in Japan’s parliament crippled by a cyber attack that orginated from China in July.

It seemed that computers as well as servers in the lower house of the country’s parliament were vulnerable to a Trojan horse virus, and this happened after a politician opened an email attachment. No idea on whether there was any information that was compromised from the incident considering how everything was kept hush-hush until one month later. During the time when the Trojan was unlogged, who knows just what kind of access to passwords and data the Chinese based server behind the attack could have retrieved?
Hopefully they have plugged up all their holes by now, and a repeat should not be on the cards.

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