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AceDeceiver Is The Latest iOS Trojan
It looks like iOS devices, as popular as they are, will need to go through yet another round of security checks, as there is a brand new iOS trojan which has been discovered, known as AceDeceiver. AceDeceiver is slick enough that it can even infect non-jailbroken iOS devices via PCs – and it does so without having to exploit an enterprise certificate.

Microsoft Issues Warning Over New Trojan That Hijacks Facebook Accounts
Software giant Microsoft has just fired a warning to those who are huge Facebook fans, citing a new malware which is making its rounds that will focus on Facebook’s users in Brazil, where on the surface, it looks like a legitimate Google Chrome extension as well as Firefox add-on, but in reality, this trojan will be able to hijack Facebook accounts if the relevant conditions are met. Originally detected in […]

Malware mimics Chrome installer, steals banking information
The Internet can be a very dangerous place if you are not familiar with the more subtle workings within and around, where case in point we have a piece of malware that mimics itself as a Chrome installer. This impersonation will actually work on stealing sensitive data such as banking information while stripping software that is meant to protect online banking transactions. Right now, the trojan seems to target users […]

First Drive-By Malware Sites Discovered for Android
Now that browsing the internet via a mobile device has become a norm, malware has also followed in that path. Lookout Mobile Security discovered some websites that have been designed in such a way that they only attack and infect Android devices on which the pages are loaded on. The websites which have not been identified publicly yet, operate as “drive-by malware vectors” and if an Android device visits the […]


Symantec reports that 140,000 Mac computers are still infected with the Flashback trojan
It seems that despite Apple’s latest update which supposedly removed the Flashback trojan, not to mention the amount of publicity that the situation has received, you’d think that just about every Mac user would have checked their computers for it and removed it accordingly, right? Apparently not. According to Symantec who has been monitoring the situation, it has been reported that a staggering 140,000 Mac computers are still infected with […]

Sabpab Mac OS X trojan discovered, preys on the same Java vulnerability as Flashback
Heads up Mac OS X users, it looks like yet another trojan has been discovered. Dubbed the Sabpab by security company, Sophos, the trojan has been described as a “basic backdoor trojan horse” that connects to a control server using HTTP. When it does, it has been reported that hackers will then be able to send instructions to the trojan to grab screenshots, execute commands remotely and upload and download […]

Android Virus Lurking in Angry Birds Space Coveralls
If you have been thinking about downloading the latest installment of the successful Angry Birds franchise, by all means go ahead. Head on over to Google Play and you should be able to find it in no time since it’s one of the top apps available for free there. However, if you are thinking about using 3rd party app providers to get the Angry Birds Space game, you should be […]

Japanese government ambushed by Chinese Trojan horse attack
Sino-Japan relationships have not exactly been at their best in the past, but with China having overtaken Japan as the second biggest economy in the world, I would say they have most probably buried the hatchet already. Still, I would assume not everyone in their respective countries have received the memo that it is better to work together than to go up against one another, hence having computers in Japan’s […]

Mac trojan variant cripples built-in OS X malware protection
They say that the best defense is a good offense, but when it comes to computers, often the anti-virus and anti-malware programs tend to beat a hasty retreat, reacting most of the time to new viruses and trojans that pop up in a never ending cat and mouse game. Well, it seems that there is a variant of a Mac trojan floating around that will disable OS X malware protection. […]

German hackers accuse German government of creating trojan
If you watch movies such as Die Hard 4.0, you’ll know that governments in general do not hold much love for hackers and viruses, but what happens when the government itself is accused of developing a virus? While that sounds like it could be a plot for a movie, German hackers called the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) have discovered a trojan which they’re claiming was written by the German government.

Android malware can be controlled via blog posts
Heads up Android users, it looks like there’s more malware headed your way although this time it looks like it could be limited to just China for now. Security researchers Trend Micro has reportedly discovered a new Android malware that disguises itself as an e-book application. Called “ANDROIDS_ANSERVER.A”, its distribution comes mainly from Chinese app stores. Due to Android Market not officially available in China, Android users in China usually […]

OSX/flashback.A malware discovered for Mac
While in general, Mac computers are less prone to viruses and malware, there are still a couple that manage to slip in under the radar from time to time. A while back we reported on a malware that disguised itself as part of Adobe Flash’s installation, which the user would unwittingly install if they did not know any better. It looks like yet another bogus Flash installer is back and […]

SpyEye makes its way onto Android as Spitmo
A while back we reported on SpyEye, a trojan on the PC which was referred to as the “Swiss Army knife” of hacking toolkits. Through SpyEye, the hackers can issue commands to all the computers that have been infected, stealing information, causing chaos and whatever malicious reasons you can think of. The bad news is that it has apparently made its way onto Android handsets in the form of Spitmo.

Android virus does voice recordings on the quiet
Who says that phones are safe enough to use that there is no need for anti-virus software? That might be true in the older days before color displays and Internet connectivity on the handset became the norm, but now, we have mobile operating systems that do resemble that of a PC in many ways, hence opening up some of the same doors as well to external threats. There is word […]