I know of bread makers and rice cookers, but the Gopan is clearly a hybrid of the highest order in the kitchen. Why do I say so? Well, for starters, this particular cooking machine is capable of making bread from of all things, rice. Released first in Japan in November last year, there is a new model of the Gopan known as the SD-RBM1000, where a couple of processes for bread making have been thrown in by Panasonic, where the first model utilizes one process for making rice paste, mixing it up with gluten and yeast and kneading it. As for the newly released model, it will rely on two processes – the paste is first kneaded at low speeds, followed by at higher speeds in the latter stage so that the paste is able to be extended further.

Not only that, when fermenting the kneaded paste, Panasonic will also include a process of discharging gas for rice bread with more homogeneous texture to be a possibility. It takes around 4 hours for the new Gopan to make some bread, so careful planning to feed your hungry family at the end of the day is required before you use this.

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