Water damaged phonesIf you’ve ever dropped your phone into the toilet before fret not, because you’re not the only one who’s ever done it. In fact, the toilet bowl is one of the most popular destinations for water damage to occur on a cellphone – at least in the UK. A recent survey from a UK mobile phone comparison website discovered that half of all water-damaged mobile phones in the UK have been dropped in the toilet.

It looks like rain water, and other natural elements are just as hazardous as the water from your own though the danger of the toilet is probably increased due to the fact that people feel more at ease at home and are likely to be more careless with their possessions. Other locations where phones suffer water damage: in a drink (or a drink spilled onto it), in the bath or shower, in the kitchen sink and of course forgetting to take it out of a pocket before sending the pants into a washing machine.

I guess you can never go wrong with having some phone insurance these days. How many of you have damaged your phones with water before? Any interesting stories to share?

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