samsung-galaxy-s5-review-009If you are a city person all your life, you would definitely know that choices abound in cities where just about everything is concerned, including the different kinds of mobile network providers for you to pick from. In fact, some packages happen to be extremely competitive, that it can get pretty difficult to try to suss out the fine points between one package and another When you go out to the countryside, however, coverage might prove to be suspect in select areas from one mobile network provider to another. This has been the cause of frustration more often than not, which is why the UK government has proposed the possibility of exploring a new ‘national roaming’ scheme.

Culture Secretary Sajid Javid mentioned that UK operators ought to enable subscribers to switch to a different network if they happen to be in an area where their own carrier is unable to offer any service – let alone a decent one. This is because select parts of the UK, just like in some other countries, will have only one or at most, a couple of networks which have cell towers and masts installed along the way. Such a national roaming scheme does make sense, but the mobile network providers will have to work things out between one another, especially when it comes to costing.

Will end users have to fork out significantly more for such an option? Only time will be able to tell.

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