ASIMOIf you’re a technophobe, you’ve got one more reason to start worrying about the eventual rise of robots. Honda has just unveiled its brand new ASIMO humanoid robot that’s been newly equipped with the world’s first autonomous behavior control technology. What this basically means is that the new ASIMO can now continue moving without being controlled by an operator, and it has significantly improved intelligence and physical ability to adapt to situations. This brings it ones step closer to practical use in an office or public space where many people come and go.

The new ASIMO is now capable of responding to movement of people in its surrounding situations and can even change its behavior to accommodate the intention of the other party. It can even recognize faces and voices – even when multiple people are speaking simultaneously. With its object recognition and highly functional multi-fingered hand, it is even capable of performing tasks such as twisting the cap off a bottle and pouring a drink. Robots that don’t require human input to perform – a disaster waiting to happen? Read up more about the all new ASIMO at the source link.

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