Remember the classic “uh-oh!” sound that emanated from your computer speakers back the the turn of this century? Yeah, the all famous ICQ – I still remember my number, 29185599, although I can’t remember my handle or password anymore. That proved to be quite the winning instant messenger, as it also handled text messages, although the reliability of that is rather questionable. Currently, ICQ claims that they have 100 million registered accounts, but how many of those are actually active?

Since old is gold, and unlike Snake, ICQ will be ported over to the Windows Phone platform – and things seem to be looking up, although I do not forsee this to be the next wave of instant messaging options on our smartphones. After all, with apps like WhatsApp and Viber, there really isn’t any need for ICQ. Perhaps you might just want to install it for old times’ sake…[Translated Page]

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