Logitech builds a number of gaming-related devices such as mice, keyboards and headphones. In the past, it has been using a set of drivers and software to control each – that’s how these line-up grow organically. But now that many of those lines of products are established and often used together, Logitech has merged much of the software into a single package called Logitech Gaming Software.

Within that application, users can setup and customize every aspect of their Logitech gaming devices, like assigning custom keys, or changing the sensitivity of the mouse. But the greatest part is that you can now combine the settings of several devices. For instance, it is possible to temporarily change the mouse sensitivity if a particular button is pressed. That’s great because in some situation (sniper mode?) you need a little more accuracy than raw speed.

In the end, this adds value to an already successful line of product, and Logitech further cements its position in that niche because very few companies can actually pull this off.

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