Maingear ups the ante when it comes to their range of desktops, giving nothing but the very best to gamers who demand, well, the best as well. We’re talking about the second generation Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition CPU being included in a range of desktop options, comprising of the SHIFT, Quantum SHIFT and F131 models. This kind of extra processing firepower is no laughing matter – Maingear claims that you will be furnished with a 34% improvement in performance when playing at normal speeds, where a similar level of performance improvements will also happen where video editing and 3D rendering situations are concerned.

Apart from that, bear in mind that the Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition CPU can also be overclocked at to touch a rather stunning 5.2GHz, where its quad-channel memory structure is capable of handling even more bandwidth. In addition, Maingear has also thrown in their very own EPIC Audio Engine which relies on Aphex’s processing technology which will offer audio quality that Maingear claims is “more balanced, more articulated, and simply put, better sounding.”

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