There is nothing quite like having a decent dinner – or even to celebrate a special moment in your life with a loved one right opposite you, but you still ought to be careful on your part as well. After all, there is cause for real concern that you do not fall victim to restaurant credit card fraud, and with the hectic holiday season being upon us, the likelihood of something like this happening is very real, so it pays to be more careful. If you as an establishment owner wants to avoid such misunderstandings from happening, then you too, can do your part with E la Carte’s ‘Presto’ tablet.

This specially designed tablet will enable your restaurant’s customers to place order for your food, play games as well as pay their bill without having to see their credit card leave their hands. This will not only increase the confidence of customers in your establishment, it will also see an increase in efficiency, security and profitability in the long run. What do you think?

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