Anyone remember Ricoh’s GXR camera system? For those unfamiliar, the GXR is a rather uniquely designed camera in the sense that it features interchangeable camera units. Now if you’re wondering so how’s that different from a DSLR? Well, unlike a DSLR that allows for interchangeable lens, the GXR allows the user to change not just the lens, but the sensor as well. Now adding to their list of camera modules, Ricoh has announced a 24-85mm zoom lens that will come with a DSLR-sized 16MP APS-C sensor.


According to Ricoh, this new module for the GXR camera will feature an aperture of f/3.5-5.5 and is expected to be released come 20th of January 2012. Now as you can see in the photo above, the GXR’s camera body is about the size of a prosumer camera, which means that it should be more portable than your typical DSLR. It also means that enthusiasts who may want DSLR quality images minus the bulk might want to check out Ricoh’s GXR camera system. For more information on the modules that are available for the GXR, head on down to Ricoh’s website.

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