Food trucks generally lean towards the larger side, but not content with such an ungainly vehicle and the fact that parking is harder to come by for trucks, a pair of German students studying at the University of Texas have managed to take all the essential components that goes into a food truck and stuck it all inside a Smart Car (as pictured above).

What they have managed to do is to modify the interior of the vehicle. This was done by removing the passenger seats at the back and replaced with a power system that is powered by a couple of truck batteries. This will power both the refrigerator and food warmer in the back of the vehicle.

When the hatch at the back of the vehicle has been lifted, the food container assembly will slide out and will be propped up by four legs attached to a table top. Keeping to Austin’s health codes, the awning does not actually touch the group at any moment. Throw in a canopy and they’re good to go for taking orders.

So far their project has been rather successful, allowing them to sell 50 sandwiches from the car in two hours. With their success in Austin, both the students are planning to add three more similar vehicles come January of 2012 but no word if they plan on rolling this franchise out to the rest of the country.

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