SMK-Link Electronics Ultra-Mini Wireless Touchpad KeyboardIf you enjoy lying in bed while watching videos on your computer, but don’t like the hassle of getting out of bed to change the movie or shut it down after you’re done, there are a bevy of solutions you can choose from to make it work. Firstly you could shift the computer until it is closer to your bed, or you can get a remote control to let you operate the machine from afar. SMK-Link Electronics’ new solution is part of the latter category.

Called the Ultra-Mini Wireless Touchpad Keyboard, this handy remote control is designed like a game controller but emulates the mouse and keyboard setup that’s found on most desktops. The Ultra-Mini Wireless Touchpad Keyboard features a QWERTY keyboard for easy text input, modifier keys for advanced commands, a multi touch surface for fingertip cursor control and touchpad scrolling, shoulder style buttons for primary and secondary mouse clicks, dedicated multimedia controls and a whole lot more.

Basically – everything you need to do on your computer from afar should be able to be handled by this remote control. The Ultra-Mini Wireless Touchpad Keyboard is available now for Windows and Mac computers and has a suggested retail price of $69.99.

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