Wouldn’t it be cool if someone just walked up to you in the park and handed you a free Motorola Droid RAZR? It would, wouldn’t it? Not only do you get one of the hottest new phones around, but save yourself hundreds of dollars in the process! If you think that only happens in your wildest dreams, Verizon is here to make those dreams come true.

Verizon has recently uploaded a video where they basically went about the streets and to some homes where original Motorola RAZR owners stayed. For those unfamiliar with the original RAZR, it was a feature phone that was popular many years ago due to its ultra-thin design, which was considered to be revolutionary at that time.

Upon expounding on the virtues of the new Droid RAZR, Verizon then surprised the owners by letting them keep the Droid RAZR that they were playing with only minutes ago. Now we can’t tell if it was staged or if it was for real, but here’s hoping to the latter and that Verizon decides to air a part two of this ad campaign! If anything, this is certainly very good PR.

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