Who knows what you will get for Christmas, but it’s not very hard to guess that a sizable group of Ubergizmo readers will end up with a brand new Android device this month, and when that happens, you may want to download a few games that will put the new phone through its paces. We’ve been digging around, and here are three top titles that we think should be in every Android user wish list:

1/ Pro Soccer Evolution 2012

This soccer game from Konami has enjoyed a continued success for years, and the Android version is no different: it will entertain soccer fans for a while. In its touch-display form, Pro Soccer Evolution (PSE) uses a virtual controller configuration which is so common to touch-games. You may be worried that a stripped down controller may hinder the game, but the simplicity of the action will make you refine your skills and focus on the PSE basics. The game has good (and fluid) graphics, provided that you own a phone that has the chops to play 3D games. If PSE 2012 is not available for your handset, we suggest falling back to PSE 2011, or FIFA 10.

2/ Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

In this cop vs. racer game, you get to choose on which side you are on.  As a police officer, you will get to drive a cruise and chase down criminals. As a racer, you will have to use your skills to evade the police if you want to stay out of jail.

Each camp has their own array weapons and tools. For example, the police can use spike strips, roadblocks or a high-tech EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) to shut down the opponent’s engine.  The criminals get to use an “overdrive” mode that temporarily boosts the car’s speed, electronic jamming devices and even oil slicks!  What can I say, the good old tricks always work.

Of course, there are many cars to choose from on both sides. I liked driving the Police Nissan 350Z, or the Racer Mazda RX8. If you are on the road and just want to play for a few minutes, there is a quick race mode. If you are lucky enough to own a powerful phone, you may be able to play at 60 frames per second!

If for some reason Need for Speed hot pursuit is not available on your phone, we recommend checking Asphalt 6 or Bang Bang Racing.

3/ Shadowgun

Action and science fiction is usually a good mix, and Shadowgun is not going to break that rule. The game happens in a future in which corporations rule and governments are so weak that mercenaries called “Shadowguns” are hired by those companies as enforcers. This is the kind of action game that could use a physical controller, but even if you don’t have one, the virtual gamepad works OK. The game is absolutely beautiful and is it easily one of the most visually interesting title on Android right now.

Most phones that are “gaming-oriented” or just beefy can get a 30-60FPS frame rate, so it is very playable, and everything reacts as one would expect. The audio aspect of the game is also very good. This is an aspect that is often forgotten on mobile games because the speaker sound-quality isn’t so great – but users do have headphones too…

If you are a fan of first-person shooters, this is one of the best that is available on Android. If for some reason, Shadowgun is not available on your handset, you may want to check Modern Combat 2 or NOVA 2 HD, which also looks very nice.

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