If you are one of those Battlefield 3 players who are just not happy enough with a stock solution and want to put your tinkering hand into action simply because you can, and want to see improvement in anything and everything whenever possible, surely the computer that you are using at home is not a stock model. No sir, chances are pretty good that you would have specially built this computer from scratching, getting the best parts possible and tweaking them to maximize their potential. Well, overclocking your video card is a norm, and if you realized that Battlefield 3 tends to crash, here’s why.


The Dell website provides a tip for NVIDIA overclocked video cards from the folks over at Battlefield 3 who realized that overclocking could cause havoc and crash the game – hence they have provided some easy steps to overcome this shortcoming:

Download the NVIDIA System Tools with ESA Support from here, go through the User’s Guide to know how to use the tool (this can be found in the Additional Information tab), and when the Tool is open, head on towards the Performance Device Manager, Select GPU and lower the slider bar down 10MHz. That ought to fix your problems…

The “fix” for overclocked cards is kind of obvious: try to de-overclock it and see what happens, and while this particular case is for NVIDIA cards, the same principle is valid for any other piece of hardware that is run beyond its initial specs. Good luck, and happy gaming.

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