DroneStationThe Parrot AR Drone was originally a stable flying drone built around the idea that it would be piloted from an iPhone. However, some users found that it was an expensive and not always accurate way to pilot a flying object. But what if you could now pilot the drone using a PlayStation, Xbox, Wii controller, or even a flight-sim joystick?That’s exactly what Logic Consulting said it did, thanks to its Drone Station application for Mac. Drone Station talks to the drone over the same protocol that the AR Drone iPhone app would to retrieve the real-time video footage and send control commands. And because it can use higher power WiFi equipment from a USB dongle (versus an iPhone), it can pilot the drone at greater distances than a phone would. Additionally, the on-screen information includes attitude, altitude, directional, and battery gauges.

In my opinion, this is much cooler than piloting from an iPhone app, and the controls have to be much more stable than when using the iPhone internal motion sensor.  [drone-apps]

Summary of features:
* Compatible with AR.Drone firmware 1.5.1
* Real time video recording from front and bottom AR.Drone cameras
* Image capture from front and bottom AR.Drone cameras
* Extended range by use of external USB Wi-Fi dongles and antennas
* Animated configuration screen, allows you to see the effects of changes
* Simple drone simulator control check lets you practice your controls before flight
* On screen, animated attitude, altitude, directional, and battery gauges
* Quick Reference Guide

List of Compatible Controllers:
* Wired USB Xbox 360(TM) Controllers
* Wired USB PS3(TM) Controllers
* Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick
* Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X
* Logitech Dual Action Gamepad
* Keyboard and Mouse
* Wii(TM) Motion Controllers with Nunchuk and/or Balance Board

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