EOS Innovation that hails from France has come up with the E-One remote monitoring robot that is currently in the experimental stage, but they have every intention to have it patrol on its own and alert its owner should it come across anything unusual. Somehow, that reminds me of R2-D2 being set in “sentry mode” in Attack of the Clones, although he failed to do a good job at protecting Senator Amidala while she slept. The E-One robot might also help assist the elderly and disabled down the road, functioning as a telepresence robot, with its face being capable of displaying video.

Standing at 60cm in height, the E-One is relatively small when you compare it to other robots that do similar functions, but thankfully the diminutive size translates to a low weight count of just 22 lbs, as it carries a battery which allows it to potter around for 4 hours at a stretch. Other equipment include a couple of high-resolution cameras and a mobile pico projector, two speakers, a similar number of omnidirectional microphones, Wi-Fi and USB connectivity.

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