The folks over at Google do have a wicked sense of humour, and one of their latest efforts at making sure this festive season adds a touch of Yuletide to your favorite search engine includes typing “Let it Snow” in the search box. Once you hit Enter, you will be treated to snowflakes that fall down your browser, and leaving it long enough, snow will soon start to pile up. Clicking on the screen while moving your cursor around will enable you to scrape some of the virtual snow away. Not only that, to make life easier for you to resume normal service, a blue-colored search button located at the top of the page which you can see above, has been turned into a defrost button – pressing it will clear up the whole window.

Do a barrel roll, let it snow, I wonder what is next from the creative department over at Google. Will there be an Easter Egg that is heading our way once Christmas is over and the New Year looms across the horizon?

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