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Battlefield 4 Easter Egg Discovered
Easter eggs in movies are definitely something that will keep audiences, especially the hard core fans of a particular movie franchise happy, but when it comes to video games, you cannot simply sit back and wait for the Easter egg to happen – you will need to actively seek out such things. DICE, the developer behind the Battlefield series, in addition to Star Wars: Battlefront, and the Mirror’s Edge games, […]

Mario Turns 30, Gets Google Easter Egg
Google is a company that is not afraid to try new things, and they tend to resonate with the latest happenings in and around the world. In fact, Google also have the tendency to introduce Easter eggs which will tie-in to real life events, including seeing its logo change each day during the summer Olympics to signify different events. This time around, Google decided it is time for a virtual […]

Tesla Easter Egg Transforms Model S Into A Submersible
While Easter is still some time away, this does not mean that one should not enjoy the presence of Easter Eggs at the moment. The Easter Eggs that we are talking about here will involve the likes of hidden surprises or secrets – normally found in games, but Tesla has a rather creative streak in them, too, which is why Tesla owners will be able to transform their precious Models […]

Goat Simulator MMO Pays Tribute To Diablo 3’s Cow Level With Easter Egg
Who would have thought that a game like Goat Simulator would end up being successful enough, that it has been warranted to deserve its very own MMO? Well, for those who have had their fair share of fun with the latest Goat Simulator MMO, you might have missed out on this particular tribute – an Easter Egg that pays homage to the famous Cow Level found in Diablo 2.


Google's Dinosaur Easter Egg Now In Chrome Beta For Android
Don’t you just love it when Google exhibits that kind of creative juice whenever they hide an Easter Egg somewhere in their software or apps? Having said that, one of their more recent Easter Egg engagements, if you can call it that, involve the latest Chrome Beta for Android version. In fact, this particular Easter Egg wants to make sure that the proverbial Jack does not end up being a […]

Final Halo 3 Easter Egg Discovered
We are well aware that all good things must always come to an end, and the same applies to the epic game we know as Halo 3. It seems that the Halo 3 fan community has at long last come across the much whispered, but never really discovered, loading screen Easter Egg. Allegedly the last Easter Egg ever on the platinum selling Halo 3, it has been discovered a good […]

Konami Code Easter Egg Appears On Google’s Voice Search
The famous Konami Code is back again, and this time around it would be Google’s very own Voice Search that offers you access to unlimited free Google searches. Yes, that was a joke, as performing a Google search does not cost you any money at all in the first place, but still, it is cool to go to a Google search bar and speak via Voice Search, saying “Up, Up, […]

Google’s Christmas Easter Eggs Turns Mobile Device Into Karaoke Machine
Google has always had a funny or rather, cheeky side to them when it comes to Easter Eggs, and over the years, they have had their fair share of fun releases. This Christmas season, Google intends to expand their Easter Egg collection by transforming your mobile devices into karaoke machines. It does not matter whether you are standing on the Android or iOS divide, all you need to do is […]

NOOK GlowLight Has A Hidden Browser
Don’t you just love Easter Eggs? I am not referring to the kind where you are able to eat after peeling away at the beautifully painted shell, but rather, the kind of surprises that developers put in their software or work to surprise users upon its discovery. GTA 5 has nearly 30 of those, while Google Maps too, has a Tardis Easter Egg. When it comes to the Barnes & […]

YouTube Easter Egg Allows You To Play Missile Command
Google is known to add a number of easter eggs throughout a number of its properties, especially to its YouTube website. In the past, we’ve seen YouTube get in on the Harlem Shake craze as well as adopt Unix as its OS of choice. Another easter egg has been discovered during YouTube’s Geek Week, and it’s one we’re sure many self-proclaimed geeks will enjoy.

Google Play Games Comes With Easter Egg
Surveys have shown that Google is one of the better employees in the US out there, and anyone who has been to the Google Campus would have certainly seen how it promotes an atmosphere that encourages creativity. Hey, any workplace (other than a pet shop, of course) that allows me to bring my pooch over to the office gets my vote! The recently announced Google Play Games app has already […]

YouTube Adds A Dash Of Unix To Its Site
In order to kick off celebrations of the upcoming Geek Week event, YouTube decided to introduce an Easter egg hunt – and it did so over its Twitter feed. Should your curiosity be piqued enough to have at least one feline life snuffed out, then you would have to decipher the rather cryptic 140 character clues. Of course, if you haven’t got a clue as to what all that (seemingly) […]

Bing Star Trek Easter Egg
It was just a couple of days ago when we saw how Google had a Breakout Easter Egg to tease the masses with in their search engine, and certainly their search engine rival, Microsoft, does not want to get left behind in the “game”. This has resulted in Microsoft’s Bing homepage helping you to boldly go where no homepage has gone before. Surely Star Trek fans would know by now […]

Breakout Easter Egg By Google
Google might be the name synonymous with the Internet search engine for the longest time, but it has definitely moved beyond conventional search where its name is concerned these days. We have plenty of Google services to choose from, and from time to time, Google has definitely introduced something or another which would derail your attempt at being super productive. The latest Easter Egg from Google comes in the form […]

YouTube Gets In On The Harlem Shake Craze
If you fancy yourself an Internet-savvy person, you’ll know that the Harlem Shake is absolutely everywhere nowadays. It’s been played on the radio and is even sitting at the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 songs for the second week in a row. We’re not sure what it is about the song, but we can’t help but act like complete idiots whenever we hear it being played.Searching for Harlem Shake videos […]

Chromebook Pixel Konami Code Easter Egg
The Chromebook Pixel from Google is a thing of beauty, although whether it is relevant to the market or not is another question altogether. One thing we do know is this – someone on the Chromebook Pixel team must have been a real videogame fan, having thrown in an Easter egg that will actually activate a cool light show for those who are in the know. Basically, the Konami code, […]

Go And Google a Scary Movie for a Fun Easter Egg
Here’s something to do if you can’t get enough Halloween: go to Google, search for your favorite scary movie, and watch the bats fly. Not content with an interactive Google Doodle on the front page today, it has also thrown in a fun easter egg: if you search for a term that brings up the Google knowledge graph box, three bats will perch and fly away when your search results […]

Android secret codes revealed
Google is a company that has its fair share of secrets and Easter Eggs, and this quality about them has filtered down to the Android operating system. It seems that there are a fair number of secret codes which you can key in to access various settings on your handset which cannot be done through the normal menu system. Most of the codes will allow you to peruse through many […]

Google Let It Snow Easter Egg
The folks over at Google do have a wicked sense of humour, and one of their latest efforts at making sure this festive season adds a touch of Yuletide to your favorite search engine includes typing “Let it Snow” in the search box. Once you hit Enter, you will be treated to snowflakes that fall down your browser, and leaving it long enough, snow will soon start to pile up. […]

iOS 5 gets auto-correct keyboard bar as well
Remember our story about iOS 5 having a secret panorama mode for you to shoot your photos? Well, it seems that this is not the only Easter Egg in iOS 5 that is waiting to be discovered, as someone else also stumbled upon an auto-correct keyboard bar. First dibs go to Australian Sonny Dickson who managed to get it up and running on his spanking new iPhone 4S, where you […]